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Hot entrepreneurial class five

Fast is baking、Drink、Dessert、The essence of cake faster towards the public entrepreneurship

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Is there a special rate master recommended training month every day there are surprises

Fresh fruit tea video

MoJie bubble drinks

Kumquat lemon tea drink

S bubble drinkspx

Passion fruit drinks with bubbles

S bubble drinks

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With the real data of temperature,The entrepreneur assured choice

Business case

Ten open success,Nine niu

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The first course system

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team strength

A strong faculty is our best promise to students

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Shenzhen buji、Baoan、The longhua campus welcome you

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  • Baoan district
  • Longhua campus
  • Shenzhen headquarters address

    Shenzhen longgang district buji kam dragon tower10Floor-11Floor(Buji subway stationBExports)

    Customer service telephone:0755-36958989
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  • Baoan district

    Shenzhen baoan district o commercial building2Building4Floor(Xing east subway stationDExports)

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  • Longhua campus

    Shenzhen longhua district st. boya business center2Layer(Clear lake subway stationCExports)

    Customer service telephone:0755-36958989
    WeChat number:17324479791
    Business hours:09:00-17:30

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Niu art cake meet with you in shenzhen

Here you are,A group of people who love baking,Feeding technology and experience unreservedly to another group of people who also love baking is eager to make a delicious cake,Teaching and learning is full of fun and meaning,This is the good vision niu。

Baking start-up training,We have been moving

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