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Famous snack
Take a dish
Shaanxi liangpi
Duck blood fans
Fried dumpling dumpling
Shredded cake series
Sesame buns
Trinidad incense wonton
Soil slag baked wheat cake
Sprinkle the bread in the soup
Roti prata in India
Mutton bread in the soup
Hong Kong eggs
Shrimp eggs
Turkey barbecue
Iron rice cakes
The sizzling bean curd
Taiwan oyster omelet
Roast duck
Shanxi noodles with gravy
Montreal baked wheat cake
Hemp ball
Spike potatoes
Jinyun baked wheat cake
Chinese hamburge
Boarding chicken wings
Huangshan baked wheat cake
Huang Qiao baked wheat cake
Hu hot soup
Hangzhou area of sichuan
Fuyang buns
E. package small intestine
Stinky tofu
Malatang(So sweet)
Huainan beef soup
Chongqing hot pot
Conger chicken rice
Cantonese soup rice
Sha county of fujian snacks
Hot and sour powder
The kanto cook
Casserole series
Taiwan rice balls
Potted soup
Potato powder
Cross the bridge noodl
Guilin rice noodles
Bone meal
Chaoshan sand pot of porridge
Small hot pot
Steamed vermicelli roll in guangdong
Delicious beef offal
Wenzhou lean meat ball
Leisure drinks
Full set of ice in summer
Full of sweets
Milk is green
Rotate the potato tower
Baking class
King palace walnut cake
Ice cream hot pot
The Portuguese egg tarts
Milk tea series
The Fried chicken burger
Golden corn juice
Pizza series
Freshly squeezed juice
Octopus balls
West the universal class
Cake series
Ice cream series
The pudding series
Bread workshops
Sushi series
Hao much chicken
Moon cakes series
Mousse cake
A series of cheese
Decorating a birthday cake
Smoothies series
At the intermediate class
Double peel milk series
Shake series
Shaved ice series
Ice porridge series
Fresh taro dessert
Western-style cakes
Barbecue Fried
Characteristic roast pig's feet
The salt baked chicken
The sizzling squid
Delicious steamed rice
The various ge grilled fish
Chongqing grilled fish
Fried crab
Salted duck
Wushan gong goose
WuXi grilled fish
Birdbath lamb
The lion
Raw oysters
Secret barbecued pork
Braised pork roll
Roasted brain
Roast meat
The roast duck neck
Bombing of big squid
Black carbon beef
Korean grilled fish
Fruit tree roast duck
Crazy roast wing
Barbecue series
Fragrance toothpicks meat
Baking gluten
Spicy hot pot
13 sweet lobster
The Fried chicken collarbone
16 training
Delicious Fried
Wanzhou grilled fish
Hand grasp crawfish
Chongqing chicken male
Korean barbecue on the paper
Rock chicken
Stone bowl of fish
Chinese and western pastries
Shandong grain pancakes
Tujia maotai-flavor cake
Xi 'an meat clip buns
Nanjing old halogen surface
Nanxiang steamed bun
Fry sauce noodles
Wuhan hot-and-dry noodles
SaoZi dry pasta
Zhenjiang pot noodles
Deep-Fried Dough Stic
The cake baked wheat cake
Oil spilt cutting steel surface
Oil spilt surface
Oil pour spinach
Yang ling dip in the water
Yenji, grim
GuoYang dry surface
Sichuan said said
Hand roll surface
Three fresh cooked steamed buns
The soup(What soup)
Zones SaoZi surface
Preserved egg lean lean porridge
Pumpkin porridge
Steamed buns
Green bean cake
Spicy chicken noodles
Kunshan the focal plane
Plasma surface
Auspicious wonton
Henan stewed noodles
Water surface
Fujian halogen surface
Soybean curd
Of noodles
The big buns
Chow mein
Fried rice
Clay pot boil porridge
Taihe board face
Chongqing little face
Of corn
Fresh juice bag
The egg filling and bread
Dumplings chaos
The universal class for breakfast
Puff pastry
Breeze noodle shop
Lanzhou ramen
Now the soya-bean grinding
Shanghai have
Wu3 da4 lang2 baked wheat cake
High-quality goods keeping
Beijing Roast Duc
Red oil salad
Osmanthus groping
Zhou Black Duck
The brine class
Keeping the universal class
Unique flavor duck neck
Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chili Sauc
Hand tore the duck
Braised pork roll
Beer duck

Popular events

  • Full set of ice in summer

    Contains milk tea series、Milk green series、Shake series、Double peel milk、Shaved ice series、...

  • Shaanxi liangpi

    Shaanxi liangpi、M training、Cold noodle training、Aniseed water production、Vinegar production,To play...

  • Duck blood fans

    Duck blood fans stock production、Duck blood、Duck gizzard、Duck liver、Im so LuZhiPin duck, etc...

  • Beijing Roast Duc

    The processing of the duck、Natural flavor souse、Dozens of spices and perfumes duck coloring、...

  • Red oil salad

    The cold jellyfish silk。Cold bean curd、Cold bean curd、Cold fans、Cold kelp junction...

  • Full of sweets

    Dessert variety of tastes:Halberd mango class Black glutinous rice sweet mango Snow White Bakyjib na dew...

  • Shandong grain pancakes

    Shandong grain pancakes and training,Chilli oil production,Fried crackers、Boil sauce...

  • Tujia maotai-flavor cake

    Tujia sauce production、Wait dozens of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) aniseed、Sauce stewing、Temperature、Time、...

  • Xi 'an meat clip buns

    Xi 'an meat clip buns:The training content:Raw material choose and buy,Curing method,Marinades,...

  • Fried dumpling dumpling

    Fried dumpling dumpling belong to fine staple food,The main raw material is white flour、Pork, etc,The taste is sweet...

  • Nanjing old halogen surface

    Nanjing old bittern is jiangsu region characteristic of pasta,There are mainly large surface,Pork noodles...

  • Nanxiang steamed bun

    Nanxiang steamed:With a small cage、Fresh meat small cage、Shrimp small cage、Skin is frozen、 Secret filling...

  • Shredded cake series

    Original shredded cake,Eggs are shredded cake,Ham shredded cake,Vegetables are shredded cake,Salt and pepper...

  • Milk is green

    Green milk tea is a kind of milk,Is green tea infused tea with milk,To clean and green tea...

  • Trinidad incense wonton

    Li xiang wonton is fujian province traditional han Chinese snacks,Belongs to the department of fujian cuisine。By scouring...

  • Soil slag baked wheat cake

    Soil slag baked wheat cake its history can be traced back to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period,Located within the territory of chu...

  • Sprinkle the bread in the soup

    Sprinkle bread in the soup in the local for short“Starch”,As is hui and beef and mutton bread in the soup...

  • Barbecue series

    Meat:Lamb、The beef、Pork、Pork ribs、Chicken breast meat、Chicken gizzard、Duck gizzard、...

  • Malatang(So sweet)

    Red oil production,Malatang base production,Zanthoxylum oil production,Malatang red soup...

  • Huainan beef soup

    Beef soup:Red oil production、Made of aniseed、Made of plastic、Beef production、

  • The brine class

    Halogen bath chap、Halogen belly、Marinated pig's ear、Pickled pig tongue、Marinated pig's feet、Halogen duck head...

  • Milk tea series

    Milk tea series:Kung fu tea,Caramel milk、Alpine baked milk,Hong Kong style milk tea...

  • Fresh juice bag

    The training content:AThe steamed stuffed bun《The food is sweet soup dumplings》:Chicken curry、The beef...

  • The egg filling and bread

    Plain irrigation、Braised food filling cakes。Sweet sauce,Chili sauce production。Contains the configuration of the powder,The bread...

  • The Fried chicken collarbone

    The Fried chicken collarbone、There are three kinds of taste、A spicy taste、Spiciness、Black pepper taste,Chicken collarbone...

  • Wanzhou grilled fish

    Chongqing spicy taste、Chengdu spiciness、The three gorges lobster sauce flavor、Wanzhou pickled flavor、Mountain city...

  • Breeze noodle shop

    Seafood noodles,Braise in soy sauce beef noodles,Three fresh side、Abalone noodles,Chicken soup noodles、E. surface、...

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