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Guiyang, a market-research firm

      Market research and consulting co., LTD. Guiyang founder Market research company in guizhou province,2007Years6Month to set,China market research association(CMRA),Market research company is larger in guizhou guiyang founder、Standardized operation of the market investigation and research, a consultancy,Establish guiyang centered,Radiation to the mainland in guizhou province、State、The city and southwest provinces、The data collection network,Its core goal is to provide market research in southwest overall solution。Research company founder in the southwestern region within the scope of the project team30More than one,In total500Or part-time team,As the project execution provides ample human resources reserves,Except in guiyang,Kunming、Chongqing、Zunyi subsidiaries outside,Beijing throughout the country、Shanghai、Guangzho、Shenzhen、Chengdu、Nanjing、Changsha、Wuhan, etc20Many cities have cooperation executive branches。

     Research company founder has more than10Years of development history,Accumulate more than500A case study on market,Relying on their powerful resource advantage,To provide customers the special market research、Satisfaction research、Mystery shopper、Marketing diagnosis、Consumer market survey、Business circle market research、Product testing、Market orientation and feasibility analysis、Sales channels、Enterprise management training, etc. A full range of professional market research services,Famous brands and help、Organizations, as well as growth companies completed a number of market research.Services involved in real estate、Communications、Financial、Tourism、Fast moving consumer goods、IT、A car、Medical care and other industries.......(To view more)

Guiyang, a market-research firm

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    To build peace and harmonious society is a major strategic policy of the current state of social development,Peace、Harmony is the mainstream,Stability and orderly production and living environment is the more primitive、The basic requirements,The masses of security and satisfaction is the measure of the public security organ...


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